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Income Approach for Residential Appraisers

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Do you want to expand into 2-to-4 income property appraisals? If so, you won’t want to miss this new seminar! Using the income approach, you’ll learn how to accurately derive a value from an income stream with confidence and become familiar with the usefulness of the lesser-used income approach in the realities of a post-recession residential market. For many it will serve as a review of techniques learned yet unused. For others it will function as an introduction to the income capitalization approach, specifically the premise of the approach, the difference between gross and net rent, the difference between capitalization rates and multipliers, and the application of income capitalization using a gross rent multiplier. If your assignments are currently limited to performing mortgage appraisals, attend this seminar to learn how the income approach relates to value and watch your opportunities grow.


AI CE Credit

1. Attendance Only = 75 Points

Type of Program

Continuing Education

  • Attendance Hours: 7
  • Exam Hours: N/A
  • State Approvals: Search by State
  • Number of Components: 1
  • Total Number of Pages: 165
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Type: Residential
  • For Further Reading: None

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Income Approach for Residential Appraisers