Enhance your valuation analysis and broaden your consulting portfolio by understanding the complexities of calculating effective rent. You will gain a thorough understanding of effective rent and its importance in lease negotiations and valuation work by working through real-world case study situations featuring common circumstances involving effective rent. Enhance your analysis by evaluating the way effective rent impacts property value. Recognize how the integration of the effective rent measurement is used by market participants (landlords and tenants) for leases involving landlord concessions and non-market based provisions in all three approaches to value. At the end of the seminar, you will have a take-away model to use immediately when incorporating effective rent into your valuation or consulting work. 


AI CE Credit

  1. Attendance Only = 20 Points

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Continuing Education

Attendance Hours: 4
Exam Hours: 0
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Number of Components: 1
Total Number of Pages: 93
Level: Intermediate
Type: General
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